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What's the process I will be going through to plant a church?

  • The Following Online Assessment is required
         Church Planter Candidate Assessment | Contact Ross by completing the form below to gain access to assessment.
  • Complete the Church Planters Application and send it to ross@momentumchurch.tv   
         Church Planters Application
         Plant Location Form
  • Schedule assessment review with Ross.
  • Schedule a meeting with Superintendent Rick Collins.
  • Register and attend a CMN Essentials event. 
         CMN Essentials (Boot Camp)
  • Create and submit a strategic plan for your church plant that should include, but is not limited to: Budget, Team, Mission Statement, Where, How and Timeline.  Email your document to your presbyter and to Ross.
  • As you are completing the above steps you should be working on THREE major steps to move forward with your church plant.  1) Connect with the Presbyter for the Region in which you will plant.  He will want you to meet the Regional Team and share your church plant vision.  2) Start initiating face-to-face contacts with the AG pastors in the area you intend to plant.  It is crucial to communicate your intentions with them as early as possible.  Begin networking and casting your vision.  3) Start building your launch team of leaders.
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